Snow Day

6:25 am – Awake to the snowy glow of dawn. Confirm via TV that school is, in fact, closed, while uttering prayer of thanksgiving that I had to watch through only 2 not applicable closings to get to the one I was looking for. Normal number of viewed, but not applicable closings: unknown, but enormous.

6:26 am – Snuggle…in…cozy…bed.

6:28 am – Jump out of said bed to answer the school’s automated “school’s closed” phone call. Hang up after the school message lady identifies herself, but well before the money nuggets of school closing information is spilled.

6:55 am – Reassure late-sleeping, recently risen, yet still anxious middle schooler that I haven’t waited until 2 minutes before he has to go to wake him up for the bus.

7:00-8:30 am – Catch up on the 27 e-mails from yesterday that are somehow hung up at the bogus POP3 server but mysteriously available at Curse you, POP3, whatever you are! Upgrade your firmware, will you?!!

9:30 am – Score big mom points by baking jumbo coffee cake muffins. Yes, jumbo muffins are loads more fun than their normal-sized cousins. Yes, it’s the third time I’ve made jumbo coffee cake muffins in two weeks. And yes, the jumbo coffee cake muffin recipe’s streusel topping has somehow stretched out to cover three times the number of muffins for which it was originally intended. Significance of bottomless streusel? Unknown, but noted as possibly miraculous. A la the widow’s oil. But sweeter.

10:00 am – Sit down for lovely game of Clone Wars “Monopoly” with lovely children whose hot cocoa-driven hyperactivity is slowly making me wish that I was on the Ice Planet Hoth or frozen in thermite.

11:00 am – Enjoy visit from wonderful neighbor children, whose chilly snow antics bring them into the house within minutes of arrival. They choose an alternative indoor activity, which has its own special language. Unfortunately, that language is limited to the words ‘no’ and ‘sto-op’ and the phrase “I’m telling Mom.”

Half a day down.



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