If Jack Bauer Really Is Infected With A Deadly Virus…


If Jack Bauer really is infected with a deadly virus that will leave him dead inside of 2 days, then maybe he’ll finally…

  1. …donate his mint condition VHS edition of Young Guns II to the Smithsonian Institution’s American History collection.
  2. …give Tony Almeida that 20 bucks he borrowed on the day that the Chinese diplomatic delegation kidnapped him and shipped him off to prison.
  3. …call his mother (Oops, word is she bought it at CTU Medical years ago. My mistake).
  4. …abandon the “Fingers that I’ve cut off the hands of international terrorist suspects” cataloging project.
  5. …catch up on all the American Idol he missed.
  6. …quit changing his clothes every 2 hours.
  7. …download the ringtone he’s always wanted but was too embarrassed to have the President hear.
  8. …have that Snickers bar he bought from the candy machine at work 8 years ago, but never had a chance to eat.
  9. …go 24 hours without killing someone.
  10. …take a sick day.



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  1. GIARC said,

    April 1, 2009 at 10:12 am


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