Top Ten Things that Jack Bauer and Abby Stewart Have in Common


Just got back from a weekend away with 20 of my friends, including the truly delightful Abby (oops, I mean ‘Gabby’) Stewart, whose life would not be complete without a mention on this very blog. So, without further fanfare, I give you the top ten things that Abby has in common with this blog’s favorite kick-butt, declining viewership, not long for this world action icon, Jack Bauer:

  1. Bicep Tinkerbell Tattoo, with matching handcrafted sweat band
  2. Tube socks in a variety of fashion colors
  3. Deep cover pink fairy wings
  4. Willingness to log roll into the face of death without any concern for personal safety
  5. Able to scale 50,000 degree rock wall in record-shattering time
  6. Stealth flamingo flocker
  7. Frequently postpones personal bathroom needs out of dedication to the greater good
  8. Fueled by Blow Pops
  9. Trademark word choice, as in “If I wanted to kill you, you’d be dead already, yo.”
  10. Makes all personal, ethical, and national security decisions based on the motto, “What would Lyma do?”

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