Memorial Day Guest Posting – Liberty


Thanks to Jake for another poem, this one reflecting on the significance of Lady Liberty as a representation of the hard-fought freedoms that we Americans enjoy, freedoms brought to us by the men and women who have and do serve our country. If you are one who has served, then thank you.

Liberty by Jake Scheir, April 2009

My big, tall, towering statue
Brightening the world
Holding her torch on high, never to darken the earth
Her, defending us, protecting us
Guarding our life until she crumbles
Giving to them who have none
Protecting friendships of people
She is not a queen
She is an important person
She is one of the members of our history
She greeted our ancestors with a wink
She will greet our sons’ sons and our daughters’ daughters
Now, she is still holding her torch on high
Protecting us, protecting the world
Protecting our history
Protecting friendships
Lady Liberty still stands tall.


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