Thankful for Free Food

free food

This morning I had chicken on a biscuit for breakfast thanks to the lovely people at my local Chick-fil-A fast food restaurant who, I’m not kidding, offer FREE BREAKFAST every Thursday morning.

It’s a limited time thing, but still, I marvel. Who doesn’t want free breakfast? Sure I had to cover my chocolate milk and my friend’s OJ, but at $2.34 this was an awfully small price to pay.

It’s refreshing to get something for nothing in a consumer environment where any deal like that normally comes with deal-breaking exceptions (“The eyeglasses are 2 for 1…but only if you pay full price without using any insurance discounts!” “The kids’ meals are free…but there’s only one per party, and that doesn’t include any beverages!” “You can have any prize that you see here…any prize on this shelf…any prize in the 2-inch space between the Chicklets and the erasers…”).

Next to the Brunswick bowling deal, it’s my #2 favorite bargain of the summer. Thank you Chick-fil-A!

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