Wierd dining out experience

A strange mini-barn/shed behind the market at Spence's

Today at Spence’s Bazaar (bizarre?)–an Amish-ish market right here in Dover–I seriously saw two guys eat an entire rotisserie chicken with nothing but 2 plastic forks and their fingers. No drinks. No plates. No plastic container. They just bought that chicken, sat it on the table, tore open the foil wrapper, and ate it all up. Then they rewrapped the bones in the foil and tossed it all out.

Oh, and it was 8:45 in the morning. Hot, roasted chicken for breakfast–did I mention that??!

As for me, I am still traumatized. I’m thinking, what will be next? Bunless burgers shot directly into our mouths from a hydraulic tube at the drive thru? People publicly slurping soup from their cupped hands? Working men in their orange bibs drinking directly from coffee kegs?

I don’t know. I guess I’ll get over it. But maybe I should ask you–what is the wierdest public eating spectacle you’ve ever seen? And was it really so wrong?


  1. Cr@ig said,

    February 23, 2010 at 4:19 pm

    This reminds me of what Jake Blues (John Belushi) ordered when he and Elwood went to pick up Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy from Aretha Franklin’s diner in the Blues Brothers. “Four (whole) fried chickens, and a Coke.” Elwood’s order was equally great: “dry white toast.”

    I remember being a wings place (called Frank’s Wings) in Florida and 3 guys came in and ordered 100 wings for the 3 of them to share!! If I remember right, the hotness of the wings was on a 1 to 8 scale (8 being the hottest) and they orders 4’s. The note next to Level 7 was “call 911” Level 8 had the note to “call Frank.”

    In 6th grade there was this big eatter kinda guy in 7th grade. His last name was “Gambo” — not kidding. Anyway, he’d order a double-double hamburger that would come on a sub roll – this is 4 1/4 pound burgers on one bun. But that’s not the crazy part — he put more Mayonase on it than you can imaging. Presumably this was to let it slide right-on-down. It was hard for me to eat anything after seeing that on his plate. Yikes.

    • scheirmad said,

      February 25, 2010 at 9:48 pm

      I remember a guy at Lehigh who used to carry a 6-pack of Coke in his backpack. He’d just peel one off at the beginning of every class.

      That’s a lot of cola.

  2. Monica said,

    February 27, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    Look at it this way…they were really helping the environment by not using plastic or paper plates. 🙂 In Germany they eat salami and other cold meats with rolls at breakfast. Egg or meat protein at breakfast…don’t be such a stickler, Cheryl. 🙂 he he
    I can’t think of a bizarre eating spectacle at the moment….I’ll be sure to let you know when I do. 🙂

    • Cheryl said,

      February 28, 2010 at 2:01 pm

      Your comment about the plastic and paper reminds me of an episode of “Mad Men” where the circa 1960’s Draper family went out on a picnic, ate, then picked up the blanket and dumped every last piece of trash on the ground behind them. It’s enough to make a traditionally dressed Native American cry.

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