Spelling strategies that just don’t werk

All our snow days here in Delaware have conspired to provide not quite enough data points for grades so far this marking period. One bugaboo for Jake was a not up to par spelling test, which, with not much else to factor into the average, has brought his progress report to an all-time low. Not that I’m disappointed or worried (it’s not that low); it’s enough of an encouragement to me that Jake was disappointed (and worried), which tells me that he still has a conscience and everything’s going to be ok.

The funny thing is that in his effort to study up for the next spelling test, he wrote a set of flash cards based on this week’s spelling words as jotted down in his notebook. Unfortunately, he misspelled and then transcribed 4 out of 10 of them. They’re words like ‘maneuver’ (spelled ‘maneneuver’ by Jake) and ‘radio’ (spelled ‘raido’ by Jake). And then when he did the assignment of writing each word in alphabetical order, Jake wrote ‘orbitor’ instead of ‘orbiter’ (and told me that the ‘o’ was really an ‘e’ just without a very big tail).

Unfortunately, like forging a twenty dollar bill, your spelling test results are only as good as the model that you start with. Let’s hope that Jake’s middling performance in spelling doesn’t lead him into that kind of living.


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