Guest Post: The Birthtime of Color


If you’ve got a fever and the only prescription is springtime, then this is the guest post for you. It’s a poem written by my son, Jakeā€”he said it made his teacher cry. Enjoy!

The Birthtime of Color

The birthtime of color, the start of the year

The birthtime of nature, the race of the deer

The birthtime of life, the space of the birds

The birthtime of animals, squirrels striving to be heard

The birthtime of plants, trees wave in the breeze

The birthtime of air, bees gather nectar with definite ease

The birthtime of water, fish swim in the waves

The birthtime of bushes, kids race in the maze

I think it is clear, of what we hold dear,

That spring is a powerful thing

And you should not waste

A single moment of it.