Do television commercials ever make you cry? I’m sitting here at the computer, weeping, watching a YouTube video made by the Disney company. It shows clip after home video clip of families popping the news to their kids that they’re going to Disney! As if the kids’ elated reactions aren’t enough to turn on the tears, get a load of this voice-over narration:

Disney memories keep our children young in our hearts, and color our tomorrows with the best of our yesterdays. They sing to us whenever we need them to, and dance to us in our dreams…which is why they’re so important! And here’s the best part: your Disney memory can begin this very moment.

Follow the link a little further, and you’ll connect to an equally weep-producing video with this voice-over:

To all the memory makers, the ones who know there are only so many moments before the sword is passed [a boy pulls a sword out of a theme park stone], only so many mountains left to climb together [a family rides the roller coaster down a thrill hill], and only so many days before she finds her own Prince Charming [a costumed prince kisses the hand of a pre-teen girl]—so to all those who know that the best memories in life are the ones you hold on to for a lifetime, don’t wait! Let the memories begin at the place where dreams come true.

Oh, brother.

Help me out, here, everyone. Disney: the source for beautiful family memories or insidious purveyor of unrealistic, worldly ideals preying on the sentimentality of the future guilt-ridden mothers of America?

What do you think?