Thankful Thursday – 3/19/09

shampoo_5401I am so thankful for National Public Radio–really! Just today I heard stories about the anti-shampoo movement (known as “No Poo,” it advocates once per week–or less frequent–hairwashing and eschews conventional, plastic packaged shampoo), singer Elvis Perkins (son of Psycho star Tony Perkins, and the gloomy troubadour that I think I always wanted to be), and Senator John Lewis’s annual Civil Rights pilgrimage to Selma, Alabama–one of the hearts of the American Civil Rights Movement.

Home run today, Morning Edition. I laughed, I cried, I reflected on the consequences of racism, and I considered the relationhip between my personal appearance and the sustained health of the environment…all before 9 am.

I’m also thankful to Andie for suggesting that Thankful Thursday postings appear on both the Scheir Madness Thankful Thursday page and the blog’s main body. Good friends are certainly a lot to be thankful for!